Wine Down was a Great Success Because of You

Wine Down was a great success because of you! We want to thank all of you who came to our Friday night bash. It was great to laugh, dance and party with all of you. Our awesome Pilates community is what makes our work so fun #winedown.

With Gratitude, 
Your ABC Pilates Staff
Katherine, Julianne, Megan, Noreen, Valli, Charlotte and Chris! 


Hello Valli

Valli Gideons

Valli is a stabilizing force for her trainees, colleagues, family and friends. She “entered” the military as the daughter of a decorated aviator, and later became a marine corps wife. She’s “Mom” to two special needs kids, who constantly remind her how overcoming challenges is more about a point of view and attitude. PS: You will not be excused from training because you were “tired,” couldn’t find a sitter, or because work got in the way!
More about Valli’s class – Run Fusion: 
Ever gone to a packed class and felt lost and not sure you were doing the exercises correctly? Our new Run Fusion can fix that! This class is designed to maximize your results with personalized (or individualized) training in a small group setting. 
You will be challenged with a blast of cardio doing interval-style strength and conditioning exercises combined with a outdoor run component. You will become stronger and more flexible while improving your run form. 
Class is taught by a certified Natural Running Instructor & Group Fitness expert. This class will keep you healthy from starting line to finish line!
Classes begin Tuesday, October 21st at 8:30am and Friday, October 24th at 9:30am. 


The Foot Notes of Summer


Your feet have been on some big adventures.

From trains, planes and automobiles.

From mountains to the sea.

You and your feet have been some places.

Creating a memory.

Now it’s time to come back to the studio!

Some fancy footwork, jumpboard and TRX. 
For every part of you it will be a treat! 
But mostly for those happy little feet.

The Vital Role of Nutrition

Bite Me KitchenThe Vital Role of Nutrition

Nutrition is often the most overlooked component of any healthy living. We take care of the outside of our bodies, but neglect the incredibly important interior that governs our recovery, energy level, immune system and more. Your body & brain needs food as fuel – to think, recover, build muscle, and repair to grow. Yet, the very process that gives your body energy & life also requires energy to break down into useable units of energy.

Meals made from fresh, unprocessed, organic real foods are easily assimilated into the system to buoy the immune system, aid in muscle fiber repair and fight off the overwhelming physical stressors that we are subjected to. For many of us, this means adding more work into our already busy daily routine. But who has the time?

We do at Bite Me Kitchen!

We prepare healthy, carefully crafted meals made from fresh organic ingredients at an affordable price for busy people like you. No minimum orders. No subscription. Convenient weekly pick-ups at ABC Pilates or home delivery available.

Looking good and feeling good is a result of taking care of your whole body – from the inside out! We look forward to being a part of your journey. Feel free to check our website at for our menu. You can always email us any questions to

~Be Well~

Rose & Adam Zalewski

Bite Me Kitchen

Fuel Your Life


It’s like cake…

cakePilates is like cake, all we want is more! Fortunately for all of us Pilates is the healthier option! So how do you stay with your practice, keep coming in the door, keep yourself fit, strong and healthy for life?  

This is where ABC Pilates can help you!  

Our new unlimited memberships make it easier to maintain a consistent practice and our new classes and new schedule make it fun!  It’s the cake AND the icing.  

Welcome to Learning It, Loving It and Living It!  Our unlimited, contract free, memberships! Like any good cake there is always a secret ingredient; at ABC Pilates that secret ingredient is YOU!