The Vital Role of Nutrition

Bite Me KitchenThe Vital Role of Nutrition

Nutrition is often the most overlooked component of any healthy living. We take care of the outside of our bodies, but neglect the incredibly important interior that governs our recovery, energy level, immune system and more. Your body & brain needs food as fuel – to think, recover, build muscle, and repair to grow. Yet, the very process that gives your body energy & life also requires energy to break down into useable units of energy.

Meals made from fresh, unprocessed, organic real foods are easily assimilated into the system to buoy the immune system, aid in muscle fiber repair and fight off the overwhelming physical stressors that we are subjected to. For many of us, this means adding more work into our already busy daily routine. But who has the time?

We do at Bite Me Kitchen!

We prepare healthy, carefully crafted meals made from fresh organic ingredients at an affordable price for busy people like you. No minimum orders. No subscription. Convenient weekly pick-ups at ABC Pilates or home delivery available.

Looking good and feeling good is a result of taking care of your whole body – from the inside out! We look forward to being a part of your journey. Feel free to check our website at for our menu. You can always email us any questions to

~Be Well~

Rose & Adam Zalewski

Bite Me Kitchen

Fuel Your Life


It’s like cake…

cakePilates is like cake, all we want is more! Fortunately for all of us Pilates is the healthier option! So how do you stay with your practice, keep coming in the door, keep yourself fit, strong and healthy for life?  

This is where ABC Pilates can help you!  

Our new unlimited memberships make it easier to maintain a consistent practice and our new classes and new schedule make it fun!  It’s the cake AND the icing.  

Welcome to Learning It, Loving It and Living It!  Our unlimited, contract free, memberships! Like any good cake there is always a secret ingredient; at ABC Pilates that secret ingredient is YOU!

Bite Me Kitchen

Bite Me Kitchen is a daily meal service that provides calorie-conscious, fresh, complete meals for people with active lifestyles. Our service is tailored to fuel your life by offering super-nutritious and satisfying meals that conserve your precious time!

bitemekitchenIn 2010, owners Adam & Rose Zalewski were frustrated with the lack of nutritious, ready-to-eat options in the area. Healthy options are limited to sodium & processed-food laden frozen meals or restaurants that often times, weren’t as healthy as advertised. They put their culinary skills and nutritional know-how together to offer entrees that provide busy clients with the opportunity to enjoy properly balanced, complete meals made with simple, fresh ingredients that also taste delicious! With a weekly changing menu ranging from lightened comfort food to exotic ethnic fare, you get to enjoy the variety of a personal chef without the cost!

Each Sunday evening, a new menu is released on their website at and customers have until that Friday at noon to place their orders online. There’s no minimum, no subscription and no sign-up fee!

cobbOrders may be picked up at ABC Pilates/Rausch Physical Therapy on Monday and/or Wednesday. We offer delivery and pickup locations throughout Orange County as well as Doorstep Delivery as far as Santa Barbara and San Diego. Eating healthy should be easy, convenient, and affordable for you and your family, and BMK is here to help!

We know what it’s like to be busy and we’re here to help! Leave the menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking & cleaning to us and enjoy more time to do the things that you love!

We’d love for you to enjoy the convenience of our service and we know you’ll enjoy the balanced, radiant feeling of a clean diet! As always, feel free to contact us at or check out our website for more information!