Staying #PilatesStrong on Vacation

With spring break here and summer just around the corner, many of you are probably busy planning a vacation (or two!) for yourself or your family. GOOD! We all need a little break to reset and unwind away from the stress of work and day-to-day life. However, sometimes I find just planning for a relaxing vacation can be itself stressful—trying to schedule around work, school, kids; figuring out transportation and hotels; relentlessly researching best prices; and carefully designing an itinerary so you don’t miss out on anything… whew! The last thing you’re probably worried about when planning your vacay is when and how you’ll keep up your workout routine.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a month-long tour of Europe, it’s important (and easy!) to keep up with your health and fitness goals. Just like how a crash diet isn’t the best way to be healthy, neither is taking a break from your daily fitness routine; after all, health and wellness is a lifestyle. Now I’m not advocating you spend hours in the hotel gym,  but there are a few ways you can keep in mind when you’re planning your vacation to minimize weight gain and loss of motivation and endurance. [Read more...]

An ABC Year in Reflection

Wow, I cannot believe it’s already the final ABC Pilates newsletter of 2016! As I think back on the year we’ve had here at the studio, I’m just so filled with gratitude toward all our clients, old and new. If you joined us for our annual Client Appreciation Party a few weeks ago, you probably noticed just like I did how unique our little Pilates studio is. Since ABC Pilates first opened its doors, the goal has always been to provide a friendly, non-competitive place for people of all fitness levels to achieve the amazing benefits of practicing Pilates. We didn’t want to be just another place to workout; we wanted it to be a welcoming place, a community of people coming together to support one another. Seeing all of you at the Client Appreciation Party is a yearly reminder that we would not be what we are today without our extraordinary clients.

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Work Out Hard, Eat Smarter


Most people agree that exercise is a “must” for feeling good, staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle. We choose our exercise of choice—spin class or running for a cardio fix, Yoga or Pilates for toning, or a combination of both for ultimate health benefits—and we feel great that we’re taking good care of our health. However, are you really doing all you can to live a healthy life? Answer me this: do you ever find yourself saying, “I can eat this, I worked out today!” I know I’ve been guilty of this mentality before!

While exercise is important, we must remember that nutrition is just as (if not more) important to living a life of good health.

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