Run Fusion


This class strives to keep you healthy from start to finish line! Run Fusion is a fun, high-tempo class specifically designed with fitness enthusiasts and endurance athletes in mind. Taught by Valli, a certified Natural Running Instructor, USAT Level I Coach, Strength Training & Group Fitness expert, Run Fusion will help you achieve maximum results with personalized progressive training in a small group setting.

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Pilates Restorative


Pilates Restorative is a class specifically designed to improve balance and flexibility, as well as assist in rehabilitation from injury or surgery. If you have back pain, a knee injury, hip replacements, or a shoulder impingement, this is the class for you! This class is gentle and offers modifications just for you, while still continuing to strengthen the deep core muscles. It’s also great for Pilates beginners, as it’s slower and more mindful to form, control and precision with each exercise.

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Class Feature: Jumpboard


jumpboardAdding that little board to the end of your Reformer can take your Pilates to a cardio fitness intensity! Jumpboard can make any Pilates session upbeat and fun, without impact to your knees and hips! So when you need that little extra burn to get rid of those holiday calories, you better bet that you’ll see that Jumpboard coming out more!


Ask your instructor to add some Jumpboard fun to your next Group Equipment Class!

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