How to Get Rid of ANTs

Automatic Negative Thoughts—or ANTs. We all fall victim to negative thinking from time to time. For example, have you ever been in Pilates class when suddenly the instructor says, “Let’s hold a one-minute plank!” Suddenly, all those ANTs start running around in your head.  Maybe you start telling yourself that you’re too out of shape, that a minute is impossibly long, that it’s going to hurt, etc. Those negative thoughts can get so strong that you actually talk yourself out of doing a great plank!

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Try This: Saw

Saw is one of my favorite mat Pilates exercises because it’s a great stretch for your back and helps you feel more flexible and mobile. It’s a great exercise to warm up your spine and the rest of the body before class.

Why you need to be doing Saw

  • It’s a great stretch for your upper and mid back
  • It helps your shoulder blades to become more mobile
  • It improves the stability of the pelvis
  • It helps to make the spine more mobile by increasing rotation
  • It helps teach us how to sit up tall
  • It helps decompress the spine

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Try This: BOSU® Ball Lunge


BOSU® ball lunges are one of my favorite exercises to do in my Run Fusion class. For one, lunges by themselves are a great tool for runners to strengthen their hips, glutes, core and more. Add in a balance challenge to the routine, such as use of a BOSU® ball, and this simple exercise takes the basic lunge to the next level.

Like all strength exercises, proper form is the key. Think of your balance as a progressive skill. Master a single leg stance, and then add movement patterns from there.

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