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Try the faster, easier way to scheduleMINDBODY-connect

Did you know you can connect to ABC Pilates through your smartphone? With the MINDBODY Connect app you can get studio messages and alerts, view the schedule, and sign up for classes—all from the convenience of your phone! Simply download MINDBODY Connect, sync your phone to ABC Pilates, activate and log in. Never miss out on your favorite class or forget to cancel within 12-hours again with MINDBODY at your fingertips!

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July Newsletter | Studio News

$12 Late-Cancel Fee  |  Friend Referrals  |  Meet Molli


late12-Hour Cancellation Policy/Late-Cancel Fee

We get it. Life happens! Sometimes, missing a class is unavoidable. So if you do have to skip a class you’ve signed up for, we just ask that you be mindful of our 12-Hour Cancellation Policy. Simply sign into MindBody* 12 hours before and cancel out of the class, otherwise you will be charged a $12 late-cancellation/no-show fee**. Help us ensure your friends on the waitlist don’t miss their chance to get in to that class they really wanted to take!

If you have any questions, please contact Julianne at or chat with her the next time you’re in. Thank you!

*You cannot text, call or email Julianne or your instructor; you MUST go onto MindBody yourself and cancel, otherwise you will be charged.
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June Newsletter | Studio News

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New Girls on the Block     

Amy Federman
Amy Federman

Please join us in officially welcoming our new instructors to the ABC Pilates family!

Amy Federman comes to us with a wealth of Pilates knowledge, and her classes are already filling up. She is sure to deliver one effective workout!

ABC Pilates | Marta Fridegotto
Meet Marta!

Marta Fridegotto will be adding a Pilates Barre class to our schedule that’s guaranteed to make you sweat and feel muscles that you didn’t know you had!

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