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Group Class Descriptions


Group Equipment

Featuring the best of Group Equipment: mat work, reformer, tower, chair and other traditional Pilates conditioning elements.
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Pilates Circuit

Pilates Circuit utilizes reformers, tower, EXO chair, jump board and other equipment to boost your cardio and challenge your strength. This fast, fun class is perfect for the seasoned Pilates student.
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Pilates Restorative

This gentle reformer class is specifically designed to improve strength, balance and flexibility while recovering from injury or surgery. Great as a daily wind-down!
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Specialty Class Descriptions


Run Fusion

Perfect for runners of all levels! Taught by a certified Natural Running Instructor, Run Fusion challenges you with a blast of interval-style cardio, strength and conditioning exercises that will get you stronger, more flexible and improve your form for better runs.
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TRX Cardio

Ready to push yourself? TRX Cardio is a heart-pumping, sweat-inducing group exercise class that mixes traditional cardio and body weight exercises with interval and strength training. Come challenge your endurance, strength, coordination and core stability.
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Rhythm Pilates®

An exciting fusion of Pilates, Yoga and dance! Rhythm Pilates® is an evolutionary approach to the Pilates mat work, infusing dance and yoga into whole-body-movement art sequences choreographed to music.
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Cardio Barre

Intensive movements that focus particular attention on the arms, seat, hips and abs. Cardio Barre also uses a variety of equipment such as Thera Bands, small weights and balls. This technique produces long, lean muscles—without adding any bulk!
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TRX, Core and More

Sometimes you just gotta mix it up! Get those lean, strong muscles you love and the cardio-conditioning your heart loves with TRX, Core and More, which combines elements from TRX, Pilates, cores-strengthening and cardio-conditioning for a complete workout that’s anything but boring.
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ABC Yoga

ABC Yoga classes are gentle workouts designed to accompany your Pilates practice to heal, restore and prevent injury. We offer a variety of Yoga classes to try, including Restorative Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga for Backs—even Yoga for Athletes! All classes are taught by a certified Yoga Therapist/Physical Therapist.
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Yoga Cardio Flow

Get ready to sweat! Yoga Cardio Flow is a fast-paced, Vinyasa class that will increase your metabolism, burn fat, build strength and sculpt your body. This class is not recommended for those with injuries.
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Foam Roller/Core Fusion

Designed to focus on deep core strengthening using traditional Pilates exercises, Foam Roller/Core Fusion incorporates the Foam Roller, balls and bands with Pilates exercises to deepen your understanding of how your body feels and moves. This class will not only help you develop better posture and body symmetry, it also challenges your core strength and balance.
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