Staying #PilatesStrong on Vacation

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With spring break here and summer just around the corner, many of you are probably busy planning a vacation (or two!) for yourself or your family. GOOD! We all need a little break to reset and unwind away from the stress of work and day-to-day life. However, sometimes I find just planning for a relaxing vacation can be itself stressful—trying to schedule around work, school, kids; figuring out transportation and hotels; relentlessly researching best prices; and carefully designing an itinerary so you don’t miss out on anything… whew! The last thing you’re probably worried about when planning your vacay is when and how you’ll keep up your workout routine.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a month-long tour of Europe, it’s important (and easy!) to keep up with your health and fitness goals. Just like how a crash diet isn’t the best way to be healthy, neither is taking a break from your daily fitness routine; after all, health and wellness is a lifestyle. Now I’m not advocating you spend hours in the hotel gym,  but there are a few ways you can keep in mind when you’re planning your vacation to minimize weight gain and loss of motivation and endurance.

Get a workout in while exploring

  • Take the stairs whenever possible. While elevators are convenient when you check-in with all your suitcases, opt to take the hotel stairs up to your room whenever you can. Not only will you get a great workout in, but you won’t have to wait minutes for the elevator!
  • Ditch the taxi. Yes, with apps like Uber and Lyft it’s easier than ever to hail a ride, but why not enjoy your new surroundings and walk a few blocks? Explore the sights on your way to your sightseeing destinations and get your heart rate up while you’re at it.
  • Make the most of nap time. While your traveling companions are sleeping off their jet lag, wake up early or forgo an afternoon nap and go for a jog or hit the hotel gym. You never regret a workout and you’ll enjoy the alone time to think about all your adventures… or go explore a new area!

Pack for success

While your suitcase space may be a little tight, always remember to pack your workout essentials so you have no excuses! A few items I bring with me on vacations include:

  • A Theraband. They’re light and easy to stow in your suitcase. (I personally like to do my “quick band” workout.)
  • Appropriate shoes. Whether you plan on going for a jog every morning or just know you’ll be walking the city, you’ll need a pair of good, comfortable shoes.
  • Workout clothes. I find when I actually pack my workout clothes, I feel more compelled to use them. Suitcase space is precious, so I feel bad if I don’t wear and use everything I bring!

Remember your Pilates practice

Whether you’re sitting at your desk or sunbathing at the beach, remember to always put your Pilates practice, principles and knowledge to good use. One of the best things about practicing Pilates is that helps you be #PilatesStrong no matter what you do! If you’re pulling heavy luggage or hiking up to a beautiful waterfall, think about and apply the Pilates principles you’ve learned in class and move mindfully with great form and control. Here are some quick tips for staying #PilatesStrong on vacation:

  • Always keep your posture in check. Staying mindful of your postural alignment (when you’re sitting on a plane, swimming in the ocean, or hiking) will keep your spine happy and healthy so you don’t have to miss out on anything on your precious itinerary due to back or shoulder pain.
  • Recall your ABC instructors voices in your head. How many times have you heard one of us say, “Don’t squish the jelly out of the donut!”  or “Honor your bodies, give yourself some rest days.” Keep our ABC Pilates mantras in mind while you’re away from the studio, and you can keep up with your Pilates practice no matter where in the world you are!

Getting back to real life

All good things come to an end, including fun vacations. While you’ll likely keep daydreaming of piña coladas and magnificent monuments for weeks, DON’T let weeks (or months!) go by before you hop back into your normal workout routine! I have seen many people fall into the trap of leaving on a two week vacation that turned into two months off working out. Do yourself a favor and get back into the studio as soon as you’re back; you’ll feel good getting back into you’re routine and we’ll get plenty of joy (and jealousy) of hearing all about your trip!

We hope that you have a #PilatesStrong vacation this year! We love hearing about and seeing where your Pilates Bod is taking you, so always tag @ABC Pilates in your Facebook and Instagram posts! 

To your health,
Julianne Land |
ABC Pilates Studio Manager & Instructor




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